• Reviewed by: Trapdoor  on: 07/12/2013
    This place sucks cock!
  • Reviewed by: chang  on: 16/08/2013
    Did you guys take my cat?
  • Reviewed by: jhelin1971  on: 12/08/2013
    I came across a gift certificate from 2009. is it still good? i never used it????
  • Reviewed by: maccind  on: 02/08/2013
    a few weeks ago I ordered VEGETABLE Chow Mein
  • Reviewed by:   on: 30/11/2012
  • Reviewed by:   on: 18/12/2006
    My family and I love this restaurant! The service itself makes it worth coming here. The owners greet and jokes around with all the customers, treating everyone like their old friends. The restaurant looks like a vintage scene from an ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 01/05/2005
    Our entire family loves the China Ruby. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. We feel relaxed when we are there and the kids love the food and feel very welcome, right down to the lollipops on the way out the door. ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 01/05/2005
    Great place with laidback atmosphere geared towards families. The restaurant is setup to allow the family to go directly to the restaurant area without having to go by the lounge. It is an establishment where the host and hostess (owners ...?
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